Hello! I’m the founder of a small game development company in Burlington, Vermont, and we have just launched our first game: Loc

We were very happy to have Heather Campbell work with us in creating the main character of this game, the last of the Faerie Queens who has trapped you in her realm to pay for man’s sins against nature. She gives you one chance to escape: solving loc puzzles that lie between you and freedom.

For our launch we wanted to do something special: an art challenge, asking you to do your own interpretation of the Faerie Queen for a chance to win some prizes.

FIRST PLACE: $100! A free copy of the game & a wallpaper pack

SECOND PLACE: $50! A free copy of the game & a wallpaper pack

THIRD PLACE: A free copy of the game & a wallpaper pack

To enter, with your drawing of the Faerie Queen, simply reblog this or just tag your post #locartchallenge or #loc art challenge

I’m excited to see what you guys can come up with! If you want to test out the game and see more of the Faerie & get a feel for her character there is a free demo on the site below. We are a small company and this is our first game, so your help spreading the word would mean a lot :)

Check out our site to see more about us and the game that we have made